Nine Piece Tea Set with Elephant Shaped Teapot

Elephant shapes teapot with lid.  Measures approx 10" long by 5" tall

Elephant shaped creamer and sugar jar with lid.  Creamer measures approx 6 1/2" long by 3"tall. Sugar jar measures approx 4" long by 2 1/2" tall

Set of six tea cups. Each cup measures approx 3" by 3"

Quite possibly the coolest tea set ever.  This set includes: 1 elephant shaped teapot with lid, 1 elephant shaped creamer, one elephant shaped sugar jar with lid, and 6 tea cups.  How fun would it be to use this set at a little afternoon tea party with friends?  Perfect for the tea lover or elephant lover!  The bottom of the teapot is marked "World Market", but is no longer available in stores.  I was unable to find a production date for this set.  

This set looks like it has rarely been used, and only has minor tea stains on the bottom of the teapot lid.  Otherwise, it looks brand new!  An added bonus is that this set is marked microwave and dishwasher safe.